Broken and damaged at Bronglais Hospital

Stuart Evans will be showing Broken and damaged, his watercolours, etching, and lino print works at the dining room display, Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth from 15th January until 9th April 2018.

When something we value is broken or damaged what do we do with it?

broken and damaged 1 

Fourteen images of ceramics, that are still valued.

broken and damaged

Oriel Cletwr Exhibition 28th September to 30th November

Clettwr Exhibition

The Edith Eleanor 2016

The Edith Eleanor: Chosen for the Aberystwyth Printmakers Collector's Club. View the print at The Aberystwyth Printmakers Workshop in The Old College from 8th December and can be ordered by contacting Paul Croft. See details below.

Aberystwyth Printmakers Collector's Club

EGO Magazine Review April 2015

The EGO Magazine published an article about our recent exhibition Journey West USA.

EGO Article

Stuart Evans and Jenny Williamson: The American Journey

At the Gas Gallery during the month of March:

Stuart Evans and Jenny Williamson: ‘The American Journey’

Gas Gallery Logo

Private View: Saturday 28th March 2015 – 6 – 8 pm

Exhibition Runs: 28th March – 25th April 2015

More information at the Gas Gallery here

Oil Ladder   USA

Featured prints in Wales and Borders Magazine


Maritime marvels

Taking inspiration from his workplace, Ceredigion Museum’s Stuart Evans is breathing new life into the fascinating history of the Welsh coast Words: Catherine Waterfall

Stuart's Lino Prints will soon be featured in Wales and Borders Magazine 'Welsh Coastal Life' March 2015 edition. We'll let you know more details when the article is published.

Maritime Marvels

Journey West USA at the Queens Hall Gallery

Journey West USA was exhibited at the Queens Hall Gallery, Narberth Pembrokeshire in 2013. More information here

  Oriel Queenshall Gallery

Journey West USA Thought Map

Journey West USA 2012

This work is inspired by a journey. In 2011 I travelled from New Mexico to San Francisco.

Pueblo Ladder

At Bandelier, where Pueblo Indians once lived in chalk caves.  The only way to access their dwellings was by climbing long wooden ladders. Ascending these precarious structures led to thoughts about achieving status and security in a delicate and fragile world.

Whilst visiting these ancient Native American sites, National Parks and crossing numerous oil fields various themes kept emerging.  Memories of this journey are fading.

Etchings and other printed works will be produced in the Aberystwyth workshop this year. 2013



Collaborations: Aberystwyth Paper Press Print is a portfolio celebrating the diversity of printmaking from traditional to digital. Each of the 30 professional artists, staff and students participating in this project have had contact with the print studio at The School of Art Aberystwyth between 2000-2012.

Artists have been encouraged to be experimental and processes include combination of print media, traditional and digital processes, hybrid prints as well as more inter-disciplinary activity such as prints developing from photography, film and video. Artists were also asked to reflect upon their own practice and to produce a print that is representative of their current work. More information here

We Spirited Creatures

We Spirited Creatures
Ceramic Gallery, Aberystwyth Arts Centre,
October 29th 2011 to January 29th 2012

An exhibition containing ceramics, taxidermy, skin and bones.
Where would you find a wolf wearing sunglasses, a ram wearing earings and an owl with a monocle?

Primate SkeletonI have always been interested in expression and body language, gesture and communication, particularly in relation to animal behaviour. As a display designer I have worked with objects most of my life. My job involves telling people about the past. Part of displaying objects in a museum is about relating the stories that go with them. I wanted these animals to meet each other and start having conversations, but without putting the words into their mouths. I wanted people to imagine what they might say to each other.

There was an opportunity to hear the artists and others discuss this exhibition on Friday December 2nd 2011 at a symposium in Aberystwyth Art Centre Cinema, 11am-4pm. This was a free event and sound recordings of the speakers are available from Louise Chennell,  Ceramic Archive, Aberystwyth University, School of Art, Buarth Mawr, SY23 1NG. Or e-mail:

Exhibition - Gofod | Space

Gofod Poster


In 2009 Stuart Evans exhibited his work at The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

The exhibition ran from 1st September to 20th November. Monday - Friday  10.00am - 5.00pm. 

More information: National Library of Wales

 Download poster here


A Musical Response to Gofod|Space by Jez Danks


Jez Danks has composed a music piece based on work from the Gofod - Space exhibition. I will be working with the music and composing a visual response to this.


Evans collects and displays objects. This is what he has done for most of his working life. Designing displays and juxtaposing historic artefacts in a museum context is both challenging and interesting.


  Mae Evans yn casglu ac yn arddangos gwrthrychau.  Dyma’r hyn y mae wedi’i wneud yn ystod y rhan fwyaf o’i fywyd gweithiol.  Mae cynllunio arddangosfeydd a gosod arte actau hanesyddol ochr yn ochr mewn amgueddfa yn her ac yn ddiddorol.