Artworks - National Library of Wales Exhibition 2009

Most people collect things. Our lives are filled with objects, curiosities, trinkets and gadgets. We fill our homes with all sorts of collections, items which remind us of our past, our travels, our family. Even the most minimal of homes has a collection of photographs, books or ornaments which decorate the surroundings. We like to make the place personal. View a selection of exhibition art works here.


Mae’r rhan fwyaf o bobl yn casglu pethau. Mae ein bywydau wedi eu llenwi â gwrthrychau, cywreinbethau, teganau a dyfeisiadau. Rydym yn llenwi ein cartrefi â phob math o gasgliadau, eitemau sy’n ein hatgoffa o’r gorffennol, ein teithiau, a’n teulu. Gellir darganfod casgliad o ffotograffau, llyfrau neu addurniadau yn y cartrefi mwyaf minimal hyd yn oed. Rydym yn hoffi gwneud y lle’n bersonol.

 Gofod - Space


The Cost of Children
by Elin ap Hywel
The chalk from your bones,
their future a powdery trail
on the cinder path in front of you. The salt of your tears.
Perhaps, if you’re lucky,
a drop to spice your stew
perhaps a dark lake that floods its borders
to lap at your windows and doors.
Your patience, your wisdom (if you have it), your prudence
will flutter down, bright painted cards
knaves grimacing, queens sneering as they fan and fall.
They will come in the night, enchanted,
and steal the sheep’s wool of your warm ambitions.
In the morning it hangs, glittering cobwebs
of dreams on the posts of their beds.
The sweat of your brow, the juice of you
they will drink it in with their mother’s milk,
their faces and hair will shine with it
while you lie in the corner, cored
your pips squeaking, your flesh turning brown
– and yes, the bottom of your heart,
it goes without saying they will cost you that:
the battered leather bucket
that goes down again, again into the red well
and rises, always, brimming clear to the rim.