We Spirited Creatures

We Spirited Creatures
Ceramic Gallery, Aberystwyth Arts Centre,
October 29th 2011 to January 29th 2012

An exhibition containing ceramics, taxidermy, skin and bones.
Where would you find a wolf wearing sunglasses, a ram wearing earings and an owl with a monocle?

Primate SkeletonI have always been interested in expression and body language, gesture and communication, particularly in relation to animal behaviour. As a display designer I have worked with objects most of my life. My job involves telling people about the past. Part of displaying objects in a museum is about relating the stories that go with them. I wanted these animals to meet each other and start having conversations, but without putting the words into their mouths. I wanted people to imagine what they might say to each other.

There was an opportunity to hear the artists and others discuss this exhibition on Friday December 2nd 2011 at a symposium in Aberystwyth Art Centre Cinema, 11am-4pm. This was a free event and sound recordings of the speakers are available from Louise Chennell,  Ceramic Archive, Aberystwyth University, School of Art, Buarth Mawr, SY23 1NG. Or e-mail: loc@aber.ac.uk